Travel and work

(Feb. 15, 2015; Travis Heights)

I tend to travel a bit for work.  That does give me a chance to see places that I otherwise might not have chosen to visit.  For example, a few years back I was in Atlanta attending a meeting at George State University which is right downtown. Hence, I was staying in the Peachtree downtown area. It's not necessarily the place I would choose to visit on holiday but it was actually much nicer than I expected. 

What doesn't happen in these kind of business travel trips is the spontaneity of exploration. One just doesn't have that kind of time.  Yet I'm wondering if that's a self-imposed constraint?  Of course wandering off for an afternoon is not going to work. But a walk after dinner? Simply being more mindful of where I am and listening, observing my surroundings, becoming more attuned to the space I'm occupying in the context of what's around me might offer possibilities for better... apprehension... ? ... of the location or place I'm in. It might not outwardly seem like much. Yet the more I think about it, the more I think it actually might offer a much richer and different experience in the walk from the hotel to dinner and back.

The next trip is to DC, again for a meeting. It might be extended a day to accomplish another work related goal. But it's a chance to 'try' the mindful approach to travel. I'm not sure I want to be that mindful of the airplane part of the trip. In that case being enveloped by a book seems the better activity rather than heightening my awareness of the cramped, noisy captive space I'm in at 30,000 fit in a metal tube at 500 mph.